Tierärzte · 17. Juli 2020
Well - thanks for the information from Animal Rights Foundation Kosovo on the 17th July 2020 about this case. The dog below was spayed early spring by our Foundation - because we do not need to wait until they have puppies. Our volunteers fed the dog for weeks when the restaurants were closed due to Covid. And suddenly this same dog has a new eartag - from the Team Avni Kadriu in Mitrovica, a farm veterinarian who's surgeries as far as we saw on some dogs are beyond any acceptance, dogs suffer...

Tierärzte · 18. Juni 2020
THE UNTOUCHABLES - DIE UNBERÜHRBAREN (Deutsch unten) Animal friends have found two dogs with open or swollen surgery wounds in South Mitrovica. A third roaming dog from the breed Jack Russel, who was fed on the street from beginning of Covid Crisis and the lock down by our friends was found with a new eartag (!!!)- the same green tag as the above mentioned dogs. The only difference is, this Jack Russel has an old perfect scar (see photo), because he was spayed on 17th March 2020 by our...

Tierärzte · 13. Juni 2020
Eine Kastration von einer Grosstierärztin im Kosovo - verwendet Material, das allenfalls für eine Kuh brauchbar ist - trotzdem wird sie vom Staat für diese grauenhafte Arbeit entlöhnt.