Transitory Care Center Gjakova

In Autumn 2017 we started to build with Pro Vet Veterinarians DVM Blendi Bejdoni and DVM Eriola Palla Bejdoni a care center for pets in Gjakova, about one hour far from the until then rented clinic building in Nagavc. This Center is dedicated to dogs and cats in the region of South-Westkosovo.



The Opening was on 29th October 2018! 





Dr. Helen Wormser, Russikon-Switzerland

Family Agimi Bejdoni, Gjakova-Kosovo

ASMI NARDO Foundation, Liechtenstein

Markus Nussbaumer, Russikon-Switzerland

Nina Lewenhaupt, Russikon-Switzerland

Zürcher Tierschutz, Zurich-Switzerland

Tibits AG, Zurich-Switzerland

Location - 4 km outside of Gjakova, Road to Prizren

Photos of opening October 2018