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The stray dog problem is huge in Kosovo and the animals are suffering of diverse contagious sicknesses like rabies, worms or leishmaniose. Therefore our Foundation treated since 2015 all animals in the Southwest and sterilises them, so that they do not reproduce. We are convinced, that CNVR is in the actual stray dog situation the best method to stop the increase of the dog population, if it is done together with education and registration of dog owners.


Last year the Food & Veterinary Agency of Kosovo changed their proposed kill-regulation to a CNVR regulation for whole Kosovo - which is a great step. In the meantime applying veterinarians got the contracts - in the whole 7 regions with two veterinary clinics and their staff. On 28 May 2018 finally the CNVR program started!


Next step will hopefully be the registration of dog owners and chipping of their dogs!



Kosovo is the poorest country on the whole European continent. After the war, where men and animals were killed, only few stray dogs were found. Since 2008 the amount has increased incredibly, because Kosovo does not know any dog owner responsibility.

From Peja to Decan, Gjakova, Malishevo, Mamusha and Rahovec we started with CNVR, but in all other municipalities are no programs going on, except killing from time to time. A new regulation from Food & Veterinary Agency might stop this practice in 2019, when dog owner control should be implemented...



The new president of Kosovo is Ramush Haradinaj since September 2017. He started at once the treatment of stray dogs and the reduction of the stray dog population. We will watch his politics towards animals closely!


Primeminister Haradinaj proves to be one man that can decide fast!.


On 27th December 2017 the parliament confirmed his intention and will pay all veterinarians that take part in this program with totally 1.3 Mio. Euro in the next 3 years.


1st June 2018 Start of the state CNVR program! Congratulations! Inspections and controlling are done by AVUK veterinarians as well as DVM Arbër Taraku, personally appointed by the Primeminister. Looks like this is a prevention against cheating and corruption under friends and relatives!

Mediation of Know how

Dr. Valdet Gjinovci, Director of Food & Veterinary Agency Kosovo, visited his colleagues in Switzerland in September 2017 to get informations how to control dog owners and dogs in Kosovo. His visit was paid partly by the state Kosovo and partly by a private donator. He informed himself specially about dog owner and dog registration in our country. We are very grateful for the support from Zurich Veterinary Administration, Zurich Town Police, Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office in Berne as well as IDENTITAS Berne. Furthermore Switzerland sent some Braunvieh to Kosovo - so Dr. Gjinovci was also interested in our cow keeping in the mountains...and we like all animals although we care now mainly for stray dogs! Know how is the clue for development in all countries.

Actual procedure

Oktober 2016: Concept prepared by StrayCoCo for the humane regulation of stray dog population in Kosovo;

November 2016: Important American dog lovers are meeting the  Director Dr. Valdet Gjinovci of the Food& Veterinary Agency (FVA) and show him their prepared "Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)" which proves that CNVR, Education and Registration of dog owners and breeders is cheaper than building "death camps", called shelter;

December 2016: The "Veterinary Chamber Kosovës" supports the CBA!

23. Dezember 2016: Annual meeting of the Mayors of Kosovo and discussing stray dog problem. It looks like some of the Mayors are in favour of a CNVR program, if it can be financed. So we are waiting for the decision of the financial Department of Kosovo.

February 2017: A second regulation draft from Food & Veterinary Agency is sent to all veterinarians - giving them a very short time to react. Again the "Animal Welfare" Department proposes shelters in all Kosovo and killing of straydogs after 21 days. We protest!

March 2017: The consultation to the new draft is stopped, the draft is withdrawn.


9. March 2017: The president of StrayCoCo, Dr. Helen Wormser, is invited with the Ethologist and Veterinarian Michele Minunno (Bari/Italy) by the Kosovarian Veterinary Chamber to present CNVR strategies and treatment of stray dogs. The seminary is for veterinarians from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.


May 2017: Last Draft of a new regulation is approved and will be implemented. Kosovo will spend in the next 3 years 1.1 Mio. Euro for CNVR in Temporary Care Centers!


September 2017:  Dr. Valdet Gjinovci  visits his Swiss colleagues to study our registration system of dogs, dog owners and breeders.


13th October 2017: Primeminister Ramush Haradinaj declares the treatment of stray dogs as an urgent state matter and commands the sterilisation, deworming, vaccinating and marking of all stray dogs in Kosovo.


27th December 2017: The Parliament of Kosovo decides to spend 1.3 Mio. Euro for this program in the next 3 years.


March/April 2018: Tender for veterinary clinics is opened.

May 2018: The contracting of veterinary clinics in 7 regions of this country is done

28th May 2018: The CNVR program in the whole country starts.

Veterinary Chamber of Kosovo

Acknowledged our work finally beginning of December 2016 and decided against dog killing policy (LINK) and they repeat their statement in a press release on 26th December 2016. A new area has started in Kosovo and we ask all EU-Veterinarians to support their colleagues in Kosovo! They declare clearly, that politicians should not and cannot decide about stray dog policy, but that it is a duty of veterinarians that follow the ethical code! You find the last press release here!


Dr. Xhevdet Krasniqi, Director of Veterinary Chamber of Kosovo - informing about correct and ethical stray dog treatment.

Nothing works without protest - and we got 120'000 signatures against dog mass killing in Kosovo: Here it is!