We are very grateful to have some NROs, some enterprises and many private donators to our programs. Some prefer to sponsor one dog, others help with their contribution to a monthly neutering, vaccination und deworming. And again some invest in our start-ups, which enable a few reliable veterinarians to build pet clinics with Sanctuaries where as much dogs as possible can be treated at the same time. You find the list of our sponsors HERE! 

Without our sponsors we could not help a single dog. Maybe we think too big for a small Foundation - but do you not agree , that the best friends of humans are worth it? If you share our philosophy of a strategic work in Western Balkan Countries, then we are together and can do a good job.

Investment in the infrastructure of our clinic and sanctuary first in nagavc, then in Gjakova/Kosovo

This stable was built 2015 thanks to a great donation of Dr. N. Bernhard from "Animals First & Only", Schweiz.

It is the first time our invalid or sick dogs in the Sanctuary have a good isolated shelter against rain, snow and cold weather. They enjoyed it from the first day. Now it is filled with hay, thanks to the regular sponsors for every single dog.


Then he sponsered two more stables in 2018, and you find all in our Sanctuary in Gjakova.