Donations from organisations and foundations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein:


Bernhard's Animals First & Only Foundation, Schaffhausen, Dr. N. Bernhard,  who donated repeatedly

Stiftung Stumme Brüder, FL-Vaduz - continuously 

tibits AG, Zurich - Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants, specially Christian Frei for great support!

Asmi Nardo Stiftung, FL-Schaan

Zürcher Tierschutz - Zürich/Schweiz 

Donations over CHF 500 and Patronage:

we are very happy to say Thank you to those persons for their great and generous donation:


Hans und Regula Wolfensberger

Rosa Wipfli

Hildegard Leutwyler

Herrn Bernard Leemann

Frau Annette Leemann Neumann 

Manuela Ferrari

Nina Lewenhaupt

Lulzim Hyseni

Veronica Demenga

Paola Loehrer Malacarne

Sabrina Morina

Markus Nussbaumer

Gentrita Rrustemi

Claudia Schweizer

Sabine Schnelle

Tierarztpraxis zum Graf

Hotel Limmathof AG

Besa Beqiraj

Inge Tscheng

Alexandra Grossmann



our VOLUNTEERS that charge nothing for their time and work:



El Zonko from HAL-Media in D-Halle a.d.S. and his friends for their great free support with this Homepage and the designing and printing of flyers as well as cards!

Erza Cermjanilinguist, A-Graz, for her translation into Albanian Language on Facebook and Homepage

Anna Fleischhauer, Illustrator, D-Berlin, for designing your schoolflyer and made two films for teaching kids and adults!

Arnisa Juan Photography, Tirana/Albania, for the publicity photos

our regular sponsors for invalid dogs in our Sanctuary:

We have around 40 dogs in our Sanctuary Gjakova, that were sick and could not be released. You find them HERE!

CNVR Sponsorship

Thanks to Paola Löhrer-Malacarne for supporting one treatment every month of a stray dog with 45 Euro!

And Jennifer Gllareva is our second monthly supporter for CNVR! We are very grateful!

Rouven Huber sponsors monthly one stray dog treatment. Thank you!

Leonard Bajraktaraj sponsors monthly a treatment and sterilisation as well as

Nathalie Fischer - we are very grateful!

Investment in the infrastructure of our clinic and sanctuary first in nagavc, then in Gjakova/Kosovo

This stable was built 2015 thanks to a great donation of Dr. N. Bernhard from "Animals First & Only", Schweiz.

It is the first time our invalid or sick dogs in the Sanctuary have a good isolated shelter against rain, snow and cold weather. They enjoyed it from the first day. Now it is filled with hay, thanks to the regular sponsors for every single dog.


Then he sponsered two more stables in 2018, and you find all in our Sanctuary in Gjakova.