Gjakova City

The Municipality of Gjakova has signed a contract with DVM Blendi Bejdoni on 16th June 2015 and started in August a CNVR program. The Municipality  supported this action with a substantial investment. For the estimated over thousand stray dogs in this city the promised sum will not be enough, so our foundation pays part of the costs. In two months 133 dogs were already castrated and treated. By the end of the year 2015  357 dogs have been treated.


Since August 2016 the municipality has no budget for the stray dogs, so we had to take over and are again depending on donations. Help this town to continue the CNVR program. The town has a  no kill policy, so stray dogs have a chance to survive, once treated and castrated. By the end of 2016 we had 800 dogs treated.


The Municipality has severe conditions for the treatment of the stray dogs as:

  1. Medical treatment of stray dogs and cats;
  2. Transport them to the clinic in Nagavc;
  3. Care for them 10 days;
  4. Afterwards bring them back to their territory;
  5. Document every treatment;
  6. Euthanize dangerous dogs;  

And the Veterinary Inspector of the town controls our work.

Stray dogs in the Municipality of Gjakova.


June 2015