drenas - start of work in 2021 with DVM shaban mehmeti

When we started 2021 with DVM Shaban Mehmeti to work in the center of Kosovo - one of the poorest regions - our new partner vet did all to get a perfect training in Gjakova with our project leader. But Shaban has 2 small rooms at the mainroad in Drenas, good enough to sell some pet food, but not to work. The treated dogs had to be kept in a chicken stable inside, and to be walked by his worker daily. So we decided to change this situation and together with the vet and a private donator we bought land. This land was fenced beginning of December 2021 and in 2022 we finished fencing and construction. Pet clinic and Sanctuary will ameliorate the life of an unknown number of abandoned dogs! It will allow us also to keep sick and old dogs in the adjoint Sanctuary. The first guest is already there, JETA, and old female dog, found half starved and with wounds in the streets. We give her a good life for the rest of her stay in this world as well as to the blind dog, Yavis (Photos see here)


In 2022 also the construction of a new clinic was initiated, which was nearly finished end of year thanks to a huge donation of the Asmi Nardo Foundation.


(The photo with the cages inside is the chicken stable...the fences are around the new land with the project for a small pet clinic.)