Foundation for street dogs

Fighting for the rights and wellbeing of straydogs will never end! We started 2015 in the South West Balkan as no other NGO was working there at that time. Together with reliable partners and professional veterinarians for pets we started in Kosovo in January 2015 and in Albania in 2016, then in Montenegro in 2019. Since then we supported the sterilisation of hundreds of stray dogs to stop the reproduction of puppies that have no chance to survive or live an adequate life. We teach kids in schools and organise postgraduate training for veterinarians that want to learn spaying/neutering of dogs. We do not hesitate to raise our voice for the animals. Our work is appreciated by the citizens who suffer under an enormous amount of strays!

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Our CNVR work shows immediate effect in the municipalities where our supported teams are allowed to work. But as long as citizens treat their dogs like waste, there will be never an end to stray dogs. So our focus is now the registration of dog owners and breeders in Kosovo and stray dog treatments in Niksic/MNE. An awareness campaign and teaching show furthermore more empathy in some citizens for the suffering dogs. 


Start of our CNVR work in 2015 was first in Peja, then in Gjakova, Vushtrri, Mitrovica, Drenas (ongoing) and now from 2022 in Skenderaj. Those Municipalities support our work financially and with informations of their citizens. We stayed 2022 in all contracted Municipalities except Mitrovica.  


With JETA TierundMensch our Partners in Albania we sterilised hundreds of street dogs in Durrës and Fieri. But the abandoning is without end and in Albania we quit because there was no cooperation of the local Mayors. Instead we started 2019 to help the Municipality of Niksic in Montenegro.




We concentrate primary on CNVR :catch/neuter/vaccinate/ release - if you want to know more about it click here - a worldwide recommended program to reduce stray dog population. Our work is a model how the stray dog problem in Kosovo and Montenegro could be managed for the next few years, until there is a clear reduction of stray dogs. To accomplish this goal breeders and dog owners should register and chip their dogs (click here). 


Furthermore our partners visit regularly children in their schools and train veterinarians for large animals in small cut surgery on pets. We make awareness campaigns throughout the country Kosovo.


We have animals for adoptions and for sponsorship, specially sick dogs need your support (Sanctuary click here). 

Dangerous diseases on the South Balkan are transmitted by animals - specially not vaccinated and not dewormed roaming dogs! More



our current work

New pet clinic and sanctuary drenas

In 2022 we started to build a 3rd pet clinic and sanctuary in Drenas on the road to Skenderaj. Drenas offered us for CNVR a contract to share the costs, so it is for us a welcoming region. The City Pet Klinika veterinare with a small sanctuary will be located in this new building, our partner there is DVM Shaban M. Mehmeti. 

regions 2021/2022

We work intensely and in cooperation with the Mayors offices in Gjakova, Vushtrri-Nevolan, Drenas and new Skenderaj. The work in Mitrovica was stopped due to the fact, that the former and the actual Mayor do not support our work at all. We need always support by the locals, because else the behaviour of citizens will never change. In Drenas and Niksic/MNE we are constructing new Sanctuaries with clinics. In Mitrovica and end of year 2021 in Prishtina/Graçanica we use the existing small shelters of the qualified local vets.

Every day big sadness

Still someone has to watch out and to confront herself with the suffering of stray dogs, else we could not help. Finding in two days four dogs that needed emergency help, is sometimes too much. But three dogs can stay with us - because they cannot manage to find food on the street, were dehydrated and Piki is blind :-( 


Pictures done in the last week of May at Prishtina dog shelter in Graçanica below! Some dogs on chain, some dogs sick but not isolated, all seem to have flees, the food is old, spicy and not meant for dogs!

DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU RESCUED A DOG OR PUPPY, IF YOU BRING IT THERE? Look out for families, fosters and pay them for taking care of a dog - and never believe anyone who says he has a shelter. There are no shelters in Kosovo that deserve that name! And if you ever follow a street dogs life - for example in Gjakova, they live for years after sterilisation in the city center or park and survive, are happy, and free to walk where they want. Maybe a short life due to traffic, but this is freedom to move!

Meeting with the Mayor  in Niksic

In spring 2022 we met the new and actual Mayor of the Municipality Niksic in Montenegro. Already before we had a contract with the former Mayor concerning the municipal shelter in Brestice, where we invested in a free running zone. The Mayor and his staff showed clear interest to find solutions to reduce the straydog population. So together with our partner vet clinic, Family Vet, we invested in a Sanctuary and plan to build a modern pet clinic 10 km outside of the city. 

Montenegro Report

Montenegros horrible shelters!

Montenegro owns some of the worst shelters on the European continent. Regularly street dogs are brought to those shelters and killed after 30 days. Other - so called No-Kill shelters - let the dogs sitting in their feces, sick and not sterilised - until they die on a chain, without sufficient protection against rain and sun, or locked up in a cage! In Niksic we invested 25'000 Euro to build free running zones for dogs - their amount is limited in a contract to max. 50 dogs. And all are controlled by local vets.

Cooperation in Vushtrria

In a very friendly meeting end of October 2019 the Mayor of Vushtrri, Dr. Xhafer Tahiri, declared to cooperate with our foundation next year to help reducing humanely the street dog population supporting any CNVR activities with our partner veterinarians. The contract was renewed 2022 with the Mayor Ferit Idrizi!

Mobile Clinic

Finally on 17th August our mobile clinic is ready and will from time to time visit villages and spay/neuter owned dogs, so that they do not dump the poor puppies any longer in the street. This prevention program is exceptionally important and will keep us going for years!

Protest against killing healthy dogs

The second half of 2022 our main work was to mobilise befriended NGOs abroad to protest against a planned regulation by the Food & Veterinary Agency, drafted by a delegation from three Balkan EU states and the local Animal Rights Foundation - which did not step out neither protest in public. In Art. 23 the regulation states the euthanasia of healthy formerly owned dogs, if the owner does not take the abandoned dog back! See the protest mails to the Agriculture Ministry

Animal Rights Foundation Switzerland

Susy Utzinger Foundation Switzerland

Stichting Dierennood Netherlands

Cane Corso Club Germany

StrayCoCo Foundation Switzerland

Kosovo Small Animal Veterinary Association


Failure contract with Mitrovica

Signed in April 2021 was an agreement with the Municipality for one year treatment of 500 dogs, while they were obliged to publish our CNVR program and inform that we offer free castration of dogs if an owner cannot afford to pay. The veterinarian under contract is DVM Labinot Osmani. The former Mayor Agim Bahtiri did not keep his promises. So we leave 2022 Mitrovica and our veterinary partner helps Skenderaj to treat straydogs as the Mayor offered us a contract, sharing the costs.

perfect deal! niksic/MOntenegro

On 25th June 2020 our partners Family Vet Montenegro got an agreement with the Mayor about the treatment of the street dogs. This contract was renewed end of 2021. It allows Family Vet to castrate all street dogs and release them back in their territory. Furthermore veterinarian Aleksandra Krivokapic - a great fighter for animal welfare with a huge know how - is allowed to enter the state shelter whenever she wants to control the keeping of 50 dogs. In 2022 we will build our own Sanctuary with clinic outside of Niksic - we started already.

Earthquake in Durrës End November

More and more dogs left alone, their owners vanished or died in this Municipality. JETA Tier und Mensch, supported by us, is on place helping to collect the dogs, bring them in safe places and feed them. People are vanished, half of the town has one there to help.