Sanctuary Gjakova

All our animals need sponsors, then we can keep them at our Sanctuary and heal them. If you want to help, click HERE

Thank you Athina Löhrer and Jasmin Rosenberger from the Swiss shelter Strubeli/Hegnau for those photographs from our Sanctuary in Nagavc/Kosovo!

June 2016

The new animal clinic in Gjakova has a Sanctuary, where the dogs from the former place in Nagavc have been moved to in November 2018. 

Now stray dogs, if sick or injured, find there a place to recover, as well as some strays in our region. Additional this clinic is used as a transitory station for stray dogs - and cats - from Gjakova.


We need funds for the workers there (day and night worker) as well as food for the hundreds of dogs, that will stay 10 days in the clinic. The average costs of clinic and sanctuary per month are Euro 1200. Not included dog houses, that we need, as well as concrete floor at least at the puppy station, because it is easier to clean. 


Furthermore all our handicapt dogs need your attention and sponsorship too. So please donate with the remark: "Gjakova Sanctuary" - if you want to support it.