Catch / Neuter / Vaccinate / Release

Many renowned organisations, including WSPA, WHO and PETA, similar to StrayCoCo Foundation, are convinced that dog population management by CNVR is an important measure to implement animal-birth-control. It is the only efficient and humane way to reduce the overpopulation of strays and eliminate dog-mediated human rabies. StrayCoCo works with local veterinarians, representatives of local governments, some volunteers and local workers to act as dog catchers or shelter keepers in as many places as possible. This way we significantly contribute towards the reduction of stray dogs.


In autumn 2016 the government of Kosovo planed a new regulation to euthanise all stray dogs. We started to protest and our lobbying together with locals had success. The government has finally decided to start a CNVR program end of February 2018 and the parliament contributes with 1.3 Mio. Euro. In Practice this program has started in June 2018 - and as most of the veterinarians contracted by the state have no knowledge at all in dog treatment, and do not release the dogs in their territory, this program is doomed to failure! 


Do you share our view that the neutering/spaying and mass dog vaccination against RABIES is the only humane way to deal with the stray dogs - in the interest of the citizens living there. Then please help us and make a donation. The funds that are currently received by the foundation will be used for our CNVR Work actually in 4-5 regions of Kosovo and in Niksic/MNE. In Kosovo  your donation will be as well used for emergency help and chipping owned dogs and registering dog owners - another model for the countries in the South Balkan. But most important are also the investments in an infrastructure which offers treatment for pets and raises their value.


Neutering/spaying and vaccinations costs 45 Euro for each dog. Added to this is compensation for workers to catch, feed and release the dogs as well as dog food.  DONATE

More information about how we are working and why,  see study: How Holland became free of stray dogs.

Be aware that CNVR alone will not change your country neither the life of your citizens and the dogs. Dogs are companion animals, they need a home and a master! CNVR is the first step to get free of stray dogs. It should be ongoing as long as dog owner control does not work out. Chip owned dogs, register the owner, offer free spaying specially of females, include the police to control the registration and the dumping - they can control traffic and give fines for transgressions - they can do exactly the same with irresponsible dog owners - A SYSTEM THAT WORKS OUT VERY WELL IN MOST EU COUNTRIES! 

CNVR Strategy

We recommend strongly to keep a strict program and not to delay for example release until the place in the streets of the kept dog is occupied by another dog, which causes dog fights! 


1st day: capture, deworming, water supply but no food;

2nd day: surgery Ovariectomy - small cut! Except with dogs that need  to take uterus out, Hysterectomy; Eartag!

3rd day: recovery, good food, vaccination rabies, anti parasite medicals aso;

4th to 5th day: good food and water, then release on exactly the same place where the dog was before - except if it is dangerous;


Dogs that had a Hysterectomy need a longer recovery - so make sure their place in the street is still free before release!


Dogs that are sick and need a treatment longer than 10 days (mange, virus) cannot be brought back to the street any more. Find adopters! Until then they stay with us in our Sanctuaries.