Projectmanager Kosovo

DVM Blendi Bejdoni is not only our veterinarian but also the project manager of StrayCoCo in Kosovo. He has been part in the SKDCS project (South Kosovo Dog and Cat Shelter) and has a rich and exceptional experience in CNVR-campaigns. He studied in Tirana/Albania (as did his wife Eriola Palla Bejdoni), is specialized on small animals, is living in Gjakova and working in the new animal clinic Pro Vet Gjakova.. Some dogs live continually in the Sanctuary of the clinic as they are handicapt and not able to survive in the streets.  

DVM Blendi Bejdoni is working at Pro Vet together with his Albanian wife:

DVM Eriola Palla Bejdoni



Kosovo Small Animal Welfare is the in April 2018 newly founded NGO for pets. President is our veterinarian DVM Blendi Bejdoni, joined by the co-founders, DVM Eriola P. Bejdoni, Ermir Berisha, vet tech, Mag. phil. Erza Cermjani (from Pro Qen Albania) and Dr. Helen Wormser (from StrayCoCo)


This Foundation will be our closest partner, specially concerning the planned Mobile Animal Clinic of Kosovo.


End of 2018 we started a small partnership with DVM Zenel Zhabari in Vushtrria, who continually spayed/neutered street dogs and built some food stations next to the city.


He also has installed a place where injured or sick dogs can stay forever - the Sanctuary Vushtrri/Nevolan.


Important is also his good relationship to the Mayor Dr. Xhafer Tahiri who is supporting our work. 


Our Partner PRO VET signed a contract with the Municipality of Gjakova in summer 2015. Since then we are continually doing CNVR in this city, controlled by the Veterinary Inspector. 

Niksic montenegro

Still in development is our pilot program in Montenegro - with the Team of Family Vet and Srdjan Todorovic, who is constructing a very simple transitory Care Center to treat street dogs.

Marijana and Aleksandra Krivokapic are the two veterinarians from the Family Vet Team in Niksic. They are very dedicated to their work, helping street dogs often for free and doing a good volunteer job most of the time. 

For us they treat now street dogs and will take care of the poor creatures in the state shelter Niksic.

Since 23rd June 2020 they have an agreement with the Municipality about CNVR!

Organisations that support our work or work with us together:

animal rights foundation kosova

Elza Ramadani, President of the Animal Rights Foundation is regularly on TV and in Meetings to promote a responsible Dog Ownership in Kosovo. 

Organisations working in Albania

PRO QEN ALBANIA  is a small Austrian Association in GRAZ-A.


Pro Qen Albania is represented by its president Erza Cermjani, living in Graz and actually teaching in Shkodra/Albania. Together with the local Veterinarian Dr. med. vet. Rubin Piranaj we contribute to a reduction of the stray dog population with regular CNVR work.


JETA Tier und Mensch, Ibach/SZ


With this Swiss Association we built up a cooperation for CNVR in Fieri/Albania. Together with their local Veterinarian DVM Artenis Limoj we vaccinate and castrate stray dogs from this town since beginning of 2017.