We were very impressed that the vice Mayor of Mamusha, Mrs. Ganimete Sadiku asked us a few weeks ago in April 2017 to start a CNVR program in her town. Under mediation of the Turkish and Italian KFOR the second meeting was successful and the work started in May 2017. The procurement manager Gazmend Gashi and Ajet Sadiki guides our team, where to go in their municipality. Mrs. Sadiku informed her citizens and the Imam of the local mosque about the CNVR. It is wonderful to find one more municipality in Kosovo that prefers to treat dogs humanely instead killing them! 


In Mamusha 95% of the citizens are turkish. And it looks like they have a good heart for suffering dogs without owner. This is great! Mamusha is 17 km away from the animal clinic in Nagavc and belongs to our region, where we work anyhow, is nearby of Malishevo and Rahovec. Conditions for our cooperation are besides the political support, which is evident here, also teaching children in schools about responsible dog ownership.


In January 2022 this Community asked us to come again, treat street dogs and owned dogs. Our project leader will fulfill the request together with Kresnik Rogova, Theranda Vets, veterinarians from Suhareka.


The team after signing the contract in May 2017!

theranda vets - suhareka - Start of program 2022

The rented old factory serves as pet clinic - and has enough outside boxes to manage treatment of several dogs at the same time.

Film from Anna Fleischhauer about responsible dog ownership project in Mamusha!