Intensive action South of Prishtina

Unannounced CNVR action twice this spring 2017 in Graçanica and Preoce. In Graçanica is more or less a Serbian Village with a huge stray dog problem and in Preoce live Roma people, that asked us to help. So over 190 stray dogs and a few owned dogs were treated and released. This work could be done thanks to our rent of the place of Mentor Gashi, who opened in an abandoned gas station a small shelter called "Prishtina dog shelter", where our partner vets were allowed to work. Instead paying him for the rent, we castrated and treated the dogs that were in his shelter and never saw a veterinarian before. In 2017 we stopped every contact with Mentor Gashi from Prishtina dog shelter, as he is not doing a responsible CNVR work, but keeps the dogs and if not adopted, dumps them anywhere! Instead buying good vitamin food, he serves garbage from the restaurants. We recognise he is a good dog catcher, but his shelter must be closed or controlled by the Veterinary Services - and all dogs there should be registered, so it is clear where they go, if they suddenly vanish. Furthermore he needs a control over the donations and how they are used!

Follow up between Gracanica and preoce

We were several times with our veterinary partners now in the serbian region and treated dogs in the private foster place of Atlan Gidzic. In September 2021 we distributed several flyers to dog owners in this region, offering free castration with treatment. From time to time DVM Zenel Zhabari visits the regions and deworms the puppies, vaccinates them and helps if a dog is sick. We spend every month 300 Euro only to feed the dogs in this region.