Start up in Montenegro: October 2019 start of a prevention program and stray dog control.  We have found in DVM Nebojsa Gorasevic a skilled Veterinarian, he works sterile, does a small cut surgery of a female in 1/2 hour, and is already in a cat-rescue program. After months of negotiations difficulties showed up and DVM Gorasevic decided to quit. 


We have at once started to continue the program with the Family Vet Niksic, a women team that rescued on their own costs already a lot of street animals.

construction of a simple transitory care center  for stray dogs outside Niksic/MNE - Srdjan is our dog carer in the future

This is the family vet team  niksic - marijana and saska

State Shelter in Niksic

The dog keeping in the state shelter of Niksic does not correspond our criteria of animal welfare. Dogs are kept on chains in front of dog houses or on concrete in large groups. We will try to change this situation - with the help of donators, which is urgently needed. Also constructors as volunteers could be helpful here. We contacted on 8th March 2020 the Veterinary Administration in Podgorica and wrote how badly the dogs out there are treated. The only solution is to dismiss the director and the worker there, because all volunteers in Niksic know, they hate dogs and maltreat them - the behaviour of dogs shows heavy depressions.