Start up in Montenegro: October 2019 start of a prevention program and stray dog control.  We have found in DVM Nebojsa Gorasevic a skilled Veterinarian, he works sterile, does a small cut surgery of a female in 1/2 hour, and is already in a cat-rescue program. After months of negotiations difficulties showed up, namely the installation of a Transitory Care Center was not even started, nor were enough street dogs caught and treated. DVM Gorasevic decided to quit. 


We have at once started to continue the program with the Family Vet Niksic, a women team that rescued on their own costs already a lot of street animals. And Srdjan Todorovic had the TCC basically ready after one month.

This is the family vet team  niksic - marijana and saska

montenegro for tourists - forget it if you love animals


We take the view that holidays are meant to be relaxation of body and mind. So who wants to see helpless abandoned dogs without being able to help?  People will tell you to take the dog to the state shelter - but beware of it! Some of this shelters are simply killing stations, others like the one in Niksic cannot even be called a shelter - unless you want the dog to be kept on a chain for the rest of his life, or in a kennel with concrete floor. Better managed shelters are overcrowded and the dogs have no chance for adoption. On surprising visits in Niksic you will find the dog sitting in his own droppings, smelly, his hut is letting water through, there is no sun protection - and no free running during the day - except a volunteer is visiting and giving the dogs some freedom as can be seen in the photos below.! This are not shelters as we understand it up in the North of EU - so do not bring a stray dog in a shelter, but try to help him yourself. HOW:

ANIMAL HELP AT YOUR HOLIDAY RESORT: Almost every major town has a veterinarian - but careful, they will charge a lot for foreigners if they want to rescue animals. Declare this as charity work and not private treatment of an owned dog - and discuss the price. Else go away from the coast with the dog. In Niksic we can recommend: Family Vet Team. They are very professional and help your pet.

Have the dog dewormed, vaccinated against rabies, sterilised and bring him back to his territory - with an earmark. Ask the residents to give him water and food - and maybe you will come across animal lovers who are willing to care for "your" dog for a monthly contribution. Then you have saved an animal life!

Our investment in free running zones in the state shelter niksic - finally the dogs can move (January 2021)

State Shelter in Niksic

Upon arrival and start of our CNVR Program in Niksic/Montenegro in October 2019 we found a horrible community dog shelter there. Not one of the dogs was treated or castrated, all behind bars or on chains. Our new partners Family Vet started in June 2020 to treat all dogs in the shelter - and in autumn we made a new contract with Mayor Simovic: We invest in free running zones for the dogs - and the shelter stays NO-KILL, only 50 dogs are allowed and must be well cared for. Our Partner-Veterinarians control it. We have an ongoing CNVR-Contract with the Municipality. February 2021

The dog keeping in the state shelter of Niksic does not correspond to our criteria of animal welfare. Dogs are kept on chains in front of dog houses or on concrete in large groups - and can only run outside if a friendly volunteers goes out and helps (see last photos). There is only one worker who hates dogs at the moment - the Municipality did not pay the salaries, so one worker quit in Spring 2020. We contacted on 8th March 2020 the Veterinary Administration in Podgorica and wrote how badly the dogs out there are treated. The only solution is to dismiss the director and the worker there, because all volunteers in Niksic know, they hate dogs and maltreat them, the female puppies above  disappeared over night (and they claim they are not killing) - some dogs show heavy depressions. No chance for adoptions, because not one is treated or sterilised, and Brestice is far away from the city, so no one finds it - and if, you are not admitted! A shelter that does not let you enter has something to hide. 

Since June 2020 Family Vet Team was allowed to enter the state shelter, all dogs were treated against diseases and castrated. Now we want to free them out of their kennels and install running fields in this shelter on our costs. The greatest obstacle: The local animal activist and her connections to the Vice Mayor special qualification concerning treatment and behaviour of dogs, she wanted to decide everything - our veterinarian did not accept it - and we fought successfully all bureaucratic obstacles.


Everything changed for the better with the arrival of the new Mayor Simovic and our contracts, that were signed in December 2020. 

construction of a simple transitory care center  for stray dogs outside Niksic/MNE - Srdjan Todorovic is our dog carer - for emergency cases. Feel free to visit and adopt a dog.