How to implement responsible dog ownership

 After nearly 3 years of CNVR mainly in the West of the Country Kosovo, we started in December 2017 the program to promote responsible dog ownership with the great support of the Municipality of Mamusha - a turkish speaking Region. The Vice-Mayor invited all citizens for a free vaccination and deworming/anti-parasite treatment of owned dogs, under the condition, that the dogs will be chipped and registered with their owners. Three Fridays are reserved for this program, on the first day came 30 dog owners. Our team takes the chance to inform every dog owner about the advantages of sterilisation specially of their female dogs. 


At the same time some citizens from Decan wish the same program and their dogs too get chipped and registrated - and now comes the wish from Gjakova too. There is so much to do - and can only be done with support of donators.